Hey, I’m Chris and I am a senior developer, web consultant and product manager living just outside Bath, United Kingdom.

Despite my (fading) youthful appearance, I’ve been designing and building websites for twenty five years! Yep that’s right, before Google, Facebook and Twitter even existed.

Offering a complete solution, I can guiding you through the early stages of project planning and research, help you with information architecture and user experience, design your solution, and finally build the project to specification for you.

Having built everything from single page brochure websites through to multi-lingual, multi-territory and multi-currency ecommerce stores and real-time ticketing systems. I have plenty of experience in all facets of the design and build processes, from inception to delivery and beyond.

So, are you looking for:

  • a beautifully designed solution built by someone who understands your business goals?

  • someone to take a brief and run with it?

  • someone who can lead a team, turn a project around and transform it?

  • someone who can advise on the best solution for your problem with years of experience?

Sound good? What are you waiting for... get in touch today!